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Conditions treated

Spinal conditions: recent or long-standing back/neck pain; herniated discs; pinched nerves; sacroiliac joint problems; spondylolisthesis; headaches; whiplash. Sports injuries: muscle, tendon and ligament strains or tears; cartilage problems; achilles tendonitis; runner's knee; ITB; tennis and golfers' elbow; rotator cuff injuries. Joint and bone problems: arthritic conditions; stress fractures; stiffness, swelling and pain in any joints of the limbs. Soft tissue injuries: muscle, tendon, ligament sprains or tears; cartilage damage. Neural problems: nerve root pain; pinched nerves; pins and needles; carpal tunnel syndrome; sciatica. Post-operative orthopaedic conditions: spinal or joint replacement surgery; keyhole surgery to any joint; ligament and cartilage repairs; fractured bones. Postural and biomechanical problems: repetitive strain injuries; pain associated with computer work or on maintaining positions for any length of time; dropped arches; knock-knees; increased back curvature and scoliosis
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