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Assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of physiotherapy conditions

Encompassing treatment of any disorder of the musculoskeletal and neural systems, as well as post-operative orthopaedic conditions, postural and biomechanical problems, physiotherapy aims to promote healing and restore full function as soon as possible.

Assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries

Whether they be new or old, picked up on the golf course, while walking on the promenade or training for the Argus or Ironman, physiotherapy can optimise healing of injuries, facilitate speedy return to sport and prevent recurrence of problems.

Pilates classes and individual sessions

Research indicates that appropriate exercise is the key to pain relief, prevention and long-term management of spinal problems and other injuries. Appropriate for any age and fitness level, pilates is a self-empowering option that educates you about your body, posture and normal movement patterns, while improving strength and flexibility.

Pre- and post-event sports massage

For loosening and relaxing muscles prior to an event or to aid quick recovery afterwards, sports massage is integral to many athletes' agendas.

Pre-season screening assessments
"Prevention is better than cure!" Pre-season screening assessments are aimed at picking up any weaknesses before an injury occurs, and giving appropriate intervention to restore full strength and flexibility.

Individual programme design

Whether you are looking for a gym or home routine to keep flexible and fit, or a sport-specific strength and conditioning programme aimed at improving your performance, an individually designed programme will target your needs.

Home Visits
Home visits can be done on request if the client is house-bound or immobilised post-operatively or due to injury.

Ergonomic work station assessment

Work station assessment can be discussed in-depth at the practice and guidelines given for improvements. Advice is also offered on ergonomic aids and 'pause exercises' to do at work. If necessary and appropriate, further assessment can be done at the workplace.


With a holistic approach and the needs of the client at heart, referral to other healthcare professionals such as biokineticists, psychologists and dieticians occurs frequently. Physiotherapists can refer for X-rays, and will refer to specialists such as orthopaedic surgeons or neurologists whenever necessary.

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