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Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year! Apologies for the long silence...I last wrote in October last year, 6 weeks into my flat renovations, stressed but still naively cheerful. 6 weeks later, sleep-deprived, and beyond caring anymore, I was so desperately in need of a holiday that I didn't even manage to send out Happy Christmas/Hannukah/Festive Season wishes! I hope you had a good break and have come back refreshed and ready to tackle 2011, and the challenges and excitement it may bring.

Running wild

Hi Everyone
Wow, I'm not sure what happened to September but it seems that newsletter time has come around very quickly again!

Healthy Spines

Hi Everybody!

Welcome to the second Powers Physio newsletter!

Cancer awareness



Hi Everyone!

Well, October has flown by and November is upon us. My October was a blur of tile samples, sanitaryware options, kitchen cupboard designs and colours, sinks, hobs, taps, carpets...you guessed it, I'm renovating!! They say you only do it once...

Bone Health: Demystifying Osteoporosis

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the first Powers Physio newsletter! I have taken the liberty of subscribing all past and present clients to my first newsletter to introduce my new website- www.powersphysio.co.za. This newsletter will be sent out on a monthly basis and will include interesting information and tips on health and injury related topics. The newsletters will be archived on my website so that information can be searched for at any stage. If you do not wish to receive the newsletter in future, please unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of the page.
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