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What to expect

In the first session, the physiotherapist will ask a detailed history and undertake a full physical evaluation to assess and diagnose the problem. This necessitates exposing the problem area (shorts and gowns are provided) and carrying out various tests and movements to find the source of the symptoms. Once a diagnosis has been made, a treatment plan and goals are set and then treatment is administered, involving techniques that optimise pain relief, reduce stiffness and restore full function. These include: • manual therapy e.g. massage, manipulation, joint and neural mobilisations • dry needling/acupuncture • electrotherapy modalities e.g. heat, ice, ultrasound • strapping • Education and advice to facilitate understanding of the injury and prevent recurrence • Rehabilitation and prescription of an individualised exercise programme to be followed through with at home. The number of sessions required to restore or optimise function is condition-dependent, but progress is continually evaluated to ensure the correct approach is being used and the best results are being attained.
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